Important Questions To Ask When Looking At Retirement Communities

The vast majority of people do not know where to start when it comes to looking for the right retirement community or home. While many offer continued care services that adapt to the changing physical and mental health of residents, others offer only independent living. It is therefore important to ask the right questions when looking and choosing a retirement community so that you make the best decision for your own needs and circumstances.

What is the Resident to Staff Ratio?

This is obviously an important question as it will tell you how much attention and time they can provide you.

Is There A Physician Who Serves As A Medical Director?

As healthcare delivered quickly is essential, it is important to know whether there is a trained physician on site or whether you would be transferred offsite for healthcare needs.

Describe the Nursing Staff You Employ In Terms Of Unlicensed and Licensed

Communities with a higher percentage of licensed nursing staff tend to provide a higher level of care. This often means that healthcare issues are identified quicker and hospitalization avoided.

When Are The Licensed Staff On Site?

Licensed nursing staff should be there not only during the day and evenings, but available for call-outs at nights too.

Is Transportation and Assistance Available For Dental and Doctor Appointments?

If a particular community does not offer this, the responsibility will fall to a family member or friend.

Please Describe Your Activity Schedule and Staff

As physical activity and socialization will contribute to your health, it is important to understand what they offer.

Are Meal Plans Designed By Dieticians?

It is important, particularly if you have specific dietary requirements, that the meals provided at the community are designed by a dietician or someone similarly qualified.

Describe Your Standards of Care

If you ask this question and they cannot give a straight and clear answer, it might be worth looking elsewhere. In reality, a retirement or senior’s community should have best practice models in place to take note of medication errors and other safety issues.

Describe How Your Care Plan Is Developed

The appropriate way for any retirement community to develop a care plan for their individual residents is via an interdisciplinary team that includes you, your family members, a therapist, dietician, nurse, activities, members of staff and physician.

If a particular senior or retirement community you visit fails to give you reasonable answers for the above questions, you may want to consider crossing them off your list.